Climate Challenge

Here at Tron St Mary’s we encourage and support home growing, growing in the community, reducing landfill, recycling clothing and textiles and reducing food waste.

We set out to achieve this through our :-

-Home growers project
-Gardening groups
-Growing in the community
-Cooking and growing with pupils and their families from local primary schools

Please contact Tom Armstrong on 0141 558 1011 or email if you interested in any of the above

I love that the girls were so excited to go and learn about God and his love for us. This year each day we spent time during the day trying to figure out what bible story would be taught to go with theme of the day.

Greg Ross,

I enjoyed working with all of the kids. I loved watching how connected they were to the messages being presented to them and how much fun they were having while learning.

Jill Gemmell

I was made to feel very welcome on my first visit and it convinced me to keep coming back. This church is a very special place.

Mark Levin