Welcome to Tron St. Mary’s

Tron St Mary’s Parish Church opened in its present building in 1965 and has been serving the surrounding communities ever since! In 2013 it was decided that community projects would be developed in the premises to encourage integration, socialising, support and inclusiveness.

Over the years that followed there have been huge developments and changes made to benefit the local community including building improvements, the development of the community garden, partnership programmes with the local schools and nurseries as well as a vast range of groups and activities held both in Tron St Mary’s and outwith the project.

I love that the girls were so excited to go and learn about God and his love for us. This year each day we spent time during the day trying to figure out what bible story would be taught to go with theme of the day.

Greg Ross,

I enjoyed working with all of the kids. I loved watching how connected they were to the messages being presented to them and how much fun they were having while learning.

Jill Gemmell

I was made to feel very welcome on my first visit and it convinced me to keep coming back. This church is a very special place.

Mark Levin