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I sit here at the study today, and think, its been ten weeks since I saw the kids from the Youth club at Tron St Mary’s, and my gosh, am I missing them.
On a Thursday, the team at TSM host two sessions for primary school kids in the church halls. Its mental, they come in all excited, hyper, and create havoc. I often, and know the others do too, go home knackered.
We try to do activities at the Youth club that kids will enjoy, the things about North East Glasgow kids, they tell you pretty quickly that what you had planned was mince!
I read an article about two years ago about being the excited person when you see kids, and I try to do that. My 12 year old step daughter is utterly embarrassed, but gives me a great big cuddle when her friends aren’t looking.
And that’s the ethos I have with all kids, even the grumpy high school kids, though when I go into Springburn, I let them come to me, and act a bit cooler (if that’s even possible!!) At Balornock primary, I can be my geeky self, and the kids seem to respond, but who would not feel happy, when someone is so excited to see you. In life, we should not just keep that for kids, we should do that for all.
Life is a precious gift, and COVID-19 might be forcing us to take that wee step back, and review it. But lets be excited to see each other when the time comes.

Proverbs 27:9 New International Version (NIV)
Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.

God, hear our prayers this day, our excitedness for others, and our prayers for those in our lives.
We pray for the kids who miss their pals at school, who miss the teachers, and the fun play times. We pray for the kids who miss their clubs, and groups, but give thanks that one day, they will meet again. God for us al, we give our prayers, amen

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Good morning friends
Be still and know that I am god is the words to a hymn I have roaming around my head. I don’t know why. Normally at the end of March I am looking around garden centres to get bedding plants to fill the tubs in my garden. But alas not this year so I’ve been thinking my garden will look so colourless and empty. I have bushes in tbw front and back with just green leaves then one day I noticed a bud opening on our rhododendron tree then another and soon the whole tree is all covered the apple blossom appeared. Other bushes have pink,orange and red flowers. My garden is in glorious colour. God has been in charge we sometimes worry needlessly when really god has our plan already in place. So don’t worry if things don’t go the way you thought. Be still and know God has a plan for each of us.

Father God thank you for the good things we like up us to remember you have plans for each of us. We don’t always see it at first. If we have worries help us to be still and know that you are our God that gives us what we need and learn to trust you more. Bless us as some of the restrictions are lifted but we remain to to stay safe and give thanks that are helping in whatever way they can in your name we pray Amen
Marion Dunn

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23/3/2020 is a date i will not forget. It’s the day a tiny virus changed my way if life certainly for the foreseeable future but possibly for a long time to come. It has challenged my lifestyle,made me look at things differently and taught me to appreciate what i have in family,friends and the freedom to choose my steps through life.
It is the last one that has hit my house hardest. Like everyone we have had our ups and downs but by far the biggest challenge has been accepting that someone in authority has the power to direct our life and actions. However,through it all I,like most people, have given that power over to to the government. This leaves me feeling reliant and vulnerable.
It is that thought i want to look at today. We glorify a much higher power than any government figure. We have God. All too often though we don’t allow God to direct our lives but we try to take charge. This weakens our relationship with our loving Father. My hope from all this is would be that each of us learns to accept that God has plans for each of our lives that would give us the best possible relationship with Him if we would only trust in Him.
2 Cirinthians 12 v9 says ” My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness si that Christ’s power may rest on me”
My understanding if this is that God stands waiting, ready for us to admit our weakness and vulnerabiliites. This will allow Him to fill us with His grace and strenth. By doung this we can truly glorify Him who strengthens us.
God please teach us to become weak in your presence so that your strength will shine through us. Please teach us to give all our doubts and fears to you so that you can fill us with your love, strength and grace. Please teach us to show that love, strength and grace to everyone you place in our lives. Amen

Yvonne Gorman, member of Tron St Mary’s

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Good Morning everybody, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and its been great we have been blessed with the weather again. So perhaps you got to meet up with family or friends you haven’t seen for a a while. It was great to see lots of pictures on social media of people seeing each other face to face for the first time in 10 weeks it was lovely hearing stories but glad they were all keeping safe and and socially distance still.
But it upsets me to see the ones that have gathered in large crowds basically flouting the rules and that some places have been so busy. And its scares me how easy it could be to be put in lockdown again what’s that going to do for peoples mental wellbeing.
Lets just take baby steps be sensible. Take it a step at a time until we are sure we are in a safe place. Lets do this for each other and for all the NHS and care workers that are dealing with this on a daily basis. Then we can all meet up as our church family x God Bless
Dear Father God as we celebrate Pentecost the birthday of your church may we know that the Holy spirit is among us and it is guiding us day by day. Lets give thanks for all the families and friends who have been reunited and connected again.
Lord as another week please be with all the decision makers in the Government that they make the right ones pray for the school staff that have to look at the way forward for them and the children. Pray For Rhona and all the Elders and our members and the project staff as we continue our work in caring and supporting each other. And pray for those either grieving or in need today In your name we pray Amen

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