My name is Rhona, and I have been the minister at Tron St Mary’s since 22nd of January 2015.  This is my first church that I am a minister in.   I started training for the Ministry in 2010, following a yearlong enquiry process which started in 2009.  Before this, I was a reader for the church of Scotland, attached to Falkirk Churches together youth project, working for the local council in Camelon (or Kamelin to the local kids).  I was set apart to be a reader in 2007 following three years of training.  A reader for the church of Scotland is someone who gives their time for free, participates in worship and other duties and would normally be part of a team, where I was based with a youth project.

My professional career before I became a minister started when I was 13 with an Egg and bacon round in the local area.  At 14 I delivered the local advertiser, and then at 15 I worked in Mathieson’s the bakery café in Falkirk town center.  When I was 16, I got a jog with Tesco on the checkouts to support me through college and university.  I graduated with a HND in Business Information management in 1998, then in 2000 with my BA in Information Management (not bad for someone who left school with two standard grades and has dyslexia).

I then took a break from Tesco to work for Thomas Cook then back to Tesco as a trainee department manager.  I worked in different roles and different stores; from Musselbrough to Cumberanuald, from checkouts to compliance manager.

All the training and working life has given me the skills that I know use in the life of a minister at Tron St Mary’s.  I enjoy working with the team at TSM, with the paid support team, the Elders and the congregation.  Each week something different happens here or something new happens and it has been a real blessing to be here with people of Balornorck and Barmulloch.