CAP – Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty

Can you imagine my reaction when my first email opened from my holiday was that CAP head office have decided to close their service until February 2020? I must say it was with mixed feelings of worry as regards new clients but relief that we can have more time following up with complex cases that are at our own doorstep. CAP were noticing that they were becoming overwhelmed with work and their ability to process clients and do this efficiently was not working. If you know of anyone who is in real need then we can still help them with the various partners in Viewcare. Citizens Advice and step change are two of the excellent services that we can refer to specifically for debt advice.

September is the time for the Gathering of all CAP workers in the UK. God at the heart of CAP ensures that worship is especially important. The words we sing at these times seems to be like a direct channel to God thanking him for Jesus and his amazing grace that reaches every part of our life. CAP always have inspiring speakers at their events which challenge you and I have never come away from these events charged up again to meet the challenges that life puts to me and our clients in our community.

Before every CAP visit, we ask that the Spirit goes before us to allow us to speak about Jesus. Every one of our clients in the last three months have accepted that we pray for them and it comes across that people are really lonely in this age of Facebook and digitalisation. Jesus met the tax collector and leper, the rich young man and the women caught in sin. What continues to impress me is that Jesus treated everyone the same before it was trendy. I want to continue to do that either at Church, pub or office. If you know of anyone who is in need of help, please do not hesitate to ask them to email confidentially.

Billy Watson – CAP

From the Manse study desk(Winter 2019)

From the manse study deskFrom the manse study desk at Tron St Mary Parish Church

Whenever I go on holiday, I always get the words ‘Again!’ ‘You only work one hour a week, and you need a holiday!” Now I do love the banter, but it got me thinking, do you, the congregation at Tron St Mary’s, know what I get up to? I tend to take a holiday once every 8 to 10 weeks, because I am bad at taking days off, and I get tired. I don’t want sympathy, as I am in control on my diary, but there are weeks when I don’t take a day off. That will and needs to change for me, and the ministry at Tron St Marys, and us all. We all need rest, we all need down time, we all need our Sabbath, just as God set the example for us when creating the worlds. So, if your interested, here is a list of things I have got up to in the last 4 weeks. Conducted three funerals (visits, preparation and leading the service) attended one. Visited 6 members from the congregation, 2 from the parish, 2 linked to projects. Attended two management group meetings for the project. Had three one to one with Matthew, one each with Megan, Tom and Lynne. Visited Balornock primary twice, including their Halloween disco. Been at the Youth club four times, Soup and Pud, prepared four Sunday worships (around 6 hours prep for each) then attended church, had two Sunday session, four team meetings on a Friday, covered the church on a Thursday 9am -3pm, had a TSM Kirk Session, and a Colston Wellpark one (I am the interim moderator there) Visited YAV head office, did a service at Broomfield court twice, produced and led Bible blethers twice, did the youth club accounts with Marion, meetings with North Glasgow Uniform bank, attend Challenge poverty meeting, had a one to one with Leslie (Ordained Local Minister at Colston Wellpark) supported the Holiday club in October week, collected Greggs three times, Worship team meeting, Coffee afternoon for Breast cancer, Christmas planning meeting, Safe guarding meeting, Staffing meeting for Presbytery, attended Presbytery, TSM church board, Pastoral care meeting, attended the Big conversation for a full day, Hosted the Parish group meeting, typed up minutes, responded to 513 emails (yes, that’s right), prepared Tron Talk, met with John Campbell, covered the Wise guys group, and on occasion, read the bible! Genesis 2: 3 Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

Rhona, off for a rest! But I do love the role, and you all